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This powder palette is popular amongst so many because of its great value for money! Imagine, you get 12 matte HD powders for under $100.

Hello!! What's the cost of 1 powder in Sephora again?? Like $20-50??

Thats only 2 - 5 powders for $100!! Why not get 12 for less than $100?? ✅ 

As if that isn't a great enough reason by itself, this powder palette is sooo versatile and can be used in so many different ways and these are just a few of the most popular uses!!! 

Check them out✨⬇️

MATTIFY & SET OILY AREAS - use this to mattify and set your face after applying your liquid or cream makeup products (recommended tool: a powder puff) ! 

SET CONTOUR- set your cream or liquid contour to make it last all day ( recommended tool: a fluffy powder brush)

BRONZER - makeup looking too flat?? Use your palette to bronze your face for a gorgeous bronzy goddess look( recommended tool: a fluffy powder brush)

UNDEREYE BRIGHTENING- makeup looking boring and flat? Brighten your undereye using a powder a little lighter than your undereye with a powder puff.

LIGHTEN YOUR MAKEUP- makeup looking too dark?? Use this palette to brighten up regions for a more natural blended makeup look.

DARKEN YOUR MAKEUP - makeup looking too dark??

BROWN EYESHADOW- soft neutral eyeshadow look?? Your palette got you! Use your palette for a nice soft matte eyeshadow look!

We are always out of stock or always almost out of stock girl! 🥹Don’t miss this if it’s available!🥳  

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