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shopkkaohelp@gmail.com :

If you have any inquires, concerns etc. relating to any of our physical or digital products ( KKAÖ Beauty, KKAÖ Beauty Academy, KKAÖ Hair etc)


If you are an affliate or have any additional questions regarding our affiliate program, please email affliates@shopkkao.com

DM @kkaobeautystudio on Instagram :

If you have any inquires about any of our services (professional makeup services, travel makeup, bridal makeup, professional in person makeup classes, beginner makeup classes, mentorship program, hair and makeup makeover etc.) 



I have a question or concern about my shopkkao.com or kkaobeautyacademy.com  purchase. Could you please assist me?

We would love to assist you! Please email shopkkaohelp@gmail.com for assistance with your order or purchase ( we handle all our order inquiries via email! ).

Feel free to check out the shipping policy & the FAQs etc. on shopkkao.com as well.

We are working diligently to have you order to you as soon as possible before or within the 5-14 day processing time frame.



How do I enroll in online Makeup Classes?

To enroll in the @KKAObyKKB Makeup Online classes, visit kkaobeautyacademy.teachable.com .

The online makeup classes are broken down into modules and are for persons at all makeup levels!

Enroll in makeup classes now to gain access immediately after purchase!!!

How do I purchase your ebook?

Please visit shopkkao.com to purchase the book & gain access immediately after.



Where are you located?

We are based in Midtown, Miami, Florida, 33127 & Kingston, Jamaica.

How do I book a Makeup Appointments or In person 1-1 professional Makeup Classes?

For @kkaobykkb / @kkaobeautystudio makeup/hair bookings & 1-1 in person professional makeup classes inquiries , DM @kkaobeautystudio

How do I book a same day makeup appointment?

Please dm @kkaobeautystudio with your name & time interested to inquire about same day bookings. Please be full payment ready!  

How do I book a travel makeup appointment in Miami?

Please DM @kkaobeautystudio on Instagram with your name, your desired appointment date, time & address if you would like to book! ( please be 50% deposit ready) 

How do I book an out of state or international travel makeup appointment?

Please dm @kkaobeautystudio on INSTAGRAM with your name, cell number, your desired appointment date, time, country, state, address if you would like to book! Travel expenses would have to be covered as well as out of state makeup rate depending on what is required ( please be 50% deposit ready) 

Do you offer bridal makeup services?

We do offer bridal makeup however we only accept bookings that less than 6 months into the future. 

Can I book an appointment OVER 1 month in advance?

At the moment, we are accepting bookings only up to 4 weeks into the future ( unless for bridal makeup)

Feel free to check back within 4-6 weeks for your desired booking date!


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